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Alternative: DIY Composting Toilet
Clever DIY composting toilet based on the C-Head System (from Time Stamp 00:02:32)
This is how it works
PeeWee makes cleaning your cat litter tray simple, safe and sustainable. The unique PeeWee wood pellets are harmless to humans and animals and cause minimal environmental impact. If you use the wood pellets in a PeeWee litter tray your cat’s paws will stay fresh and clean, which will help to keep your home free of litter dust and nasty smells. This might sound utopian, but it really is possible thanks to: PeeWee.

Do you wonder why wood pellets become so preferable as cat litter? The answer lies in their plant-based components, which act as a binding agent that allows wood pellets to absorb your cat’s urine.

Unlike other types of clumping litter such as sand or clay, wood pellets litter do not clump. They expand and later turn into small sawdust as they absorb the urine.

After that, those pieces that break into sawdust will accumulate on the bottom of the box. You only need to pour more pellets in the box and get rid of the dust below to maintain the box. One disadvantage of pellets litter is that they can only hide the urine’s smell, not the whole piece of feces. To sum up, if you want an inexpensive and biodegradable solution for cat litter, then wood pellets would be a great choice!
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