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 The course of my life:

Curriculum Vitae

Familial Status: Separated as of August 2010                                                   (I’m so glad that she told me she wants a divorce)
Age: 41 years old
Children: Two wonderful bundles of joy who light up my life and which I could never get enough of (never enough time)
Residence: Somewhere in the Gush Dan area of Israel
My Religion: Culturally Jewish but not practicing at the moment
Ethnicity: Ashkenazi (Romanian/Hungarian)
Height: 5′ 7″ (170 cm)
Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg) and falling
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Stocky
Smoke: Non-Smoker (HATE cigarette smoke)
Drink: Socially
Politics: Midway Moderate
Zodiac Sign: Secular sign is Capricorn, Jewish sign is Aquarius, but if you really want to know, I don’t believe in all that nonsense



Work Experience:

2013 – 2019 “Seven Year Sabbatical LTD”, Herzliya, Israel: Father, Student and Educator
2010 – 2012 “True Colors and Reality Check LTD”, Ra’anana/Herzliya, Israel: Student of Life, the Universe and Everything
2006 – 2009 “Eilat Phoenix Enterprises LTD”, Eilat, Israel: General Manager
2003 – 2006 Free lance work providing drafting, editing, translation and legal services in English: Paralegal (for Attorneys only), Tutoring and translation of documents from Hebrew to English
2003 – 2005 “Yigal Alon Municipal High School” and “Itzhak Rabin Municipal High School”, Eilat, Israel: Instructor of English as a Foreign Language
2001 – 2003 “Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co.”, Tel Aviv, Israel: Paralegal (Contracts, Commercial, Corporate, Wills and Estates, Arbitration, Intellectual Property), Assistant to the Honorary Consul of Sierra Leone
2000 – 2001 “Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.” (Legal Department), Petah Tikva, Israel: Paralegal (Intellectual Property and Corporate)
2000 “Wall Street Institute School of English”, Tel Aviv / Petah Tikva / Ra’anana, Israel: Instructor of English as a Foreign Language
1996 – 1999 “Trans International Corporation”, Brooklyn, New York / Phoenix, Arizona / Kowloon, Hong Kong: Paralegal (Contracts), Product Manager, Market Analyst
1995 “Law Office of Michael L. Freeman”, Phoenix, Arizona: Paralegal (Criminal)
1994 “Law Offices of John M. O’Quinn”, Phoenix, Arizona: Paralegal (Corporate, Environmental Tort)
1992 – 1994 “Manhattan Electric Industries”, Brooklyn, New York: Paralegal (Contracts), Sales/Marketing, Warehouse Manager
Paralegal duties include:
  • Assisting with establishing subsidiaries and company branches, including preparation of relevant applications and board resolutions, and maintenance of company records;
  • Assisting with drafting, managing and finalizing agreements;
  • Assisting with drafting legal opinions, demand letters and statements of claims and defense;
  • Assisting with managing and maintaining patent and trademark portfolios;
  • Researching, compiling information, tracking and managing deadlines for state filings;
  • Researching cases and preparing briefs for trial attorneys; and,
  • Preparing discovery documents for trial.


1997 “Arizona State University”, Tempe, Arizona – Received certification to instruct college level curricula:

  • Political Science
  • Communications
1991 – 1993 “Queens College, City University of New York”, Queens, New York – Bachelor of Arts:

  • Political Science and Government
  • Communication Arts and Science
1989 – 1990 “Nassau Community College, State University of New York”, Garden City, New York – Associate in Applied Science: Paralegal

Language Skills:

Mother Tongue: English
Advanced: Hebrew
Basic: Spanish, French (reading and writing only), American Sign Language, Israeli Sign Language

Computer Skills:

Advanced: MS Office, Internet research
Basic: Hardware, MS Vista, MS Windows XP, Webpage design


  • Accepted as an instructor of Communications at Gateway Community College, Maricopa County, Arizona;
  • Assisted in the creation of a technical manual for a health care corporation’s customized database;
  • Established and operated a thrift store for a local synagogue to provide it with additional income for philanthropic endeavors;
  • Chaired the Orthodox Singles Organization of Phoenix;
  • Board member of various Jewish singles organizations in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area.



Reading, writing, working out, swimming, hiking and most of all:

playing with my kids.

Updates: My children have grown. One in Junior High and one in High School. I’m ecstatically married to, head over heels, and hopelessly enthralled with the perfect woman. Everyone should be as fortunate as I am. My disability has gotten the better of me and I’m now a house husband while my wife labors the grindstone and brings home the bacon. My avocations have been limited to anything that can be done via the internet and board games. Walking has become increasingly difficult and now travel the world with a cane and at, times, a wheelchair, and driving ability is diminished.

This is not current. If you want to know more, ask. 🙂

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