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Would you be interested in reading a crossover story of: Star Trek 2009, about four years after ‎the Nero Incident (ignoring the events of Star Trek Into Darkness); Serenity, about one year ‎after the Operative Incident; ‎Battlestar Galactica 2003, during the second season episode “Lay ‎Down Your Burdens Part II”, from the point when the fleet finds New ‎Caprica (ignoring the ‎events thereafter); and, Doctor Who, sometime between the fourth series episodes ‎‎”Journey’s End” and “The End of Time”?

I have begun writing such a story the end of 2010, but have not returned to it since. If you ‎would like to read what I have written so far, click here.

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Obviously I don’t own any rights to any of these creations, but the story itself based the universes of their respective creators (as ‎much as it can be) is mine. I hope you enjoy reading this as ‎much as I enjoy thinking and writing ‎about it.


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