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I received the link to the following article featuring, what in my opinion is, the most powerful anti-smoking advertising campaign ever. This should be a model for a world-wide end to smoking endeavor.

Thailand’s Anti-Smoking Ad Is Most Effective Anti-Smoking Ad Ever


It’s powerful stuff: Children walk up to smoking adults and ask them for a light. The adults, cigarettes in hand, start explaining why smoking is bad. It’s poignant and heartbreaking and touching and sentimental and emotionally triggering and everything an anti-smoking PSA should be.

At the same time, if the point is that smokers know all these health facts already, it’s not like a reminder — even delivered by someone representing your innocent, pre-smoker self — is going to convince anyone to throw away the pack. But for nonsmokers or new smokers or on-the-cusp addicts, it’s a nice reminder why you choose to save $10 a day and keep your lungs clean


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