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My daughter wants beautiful long hair like her friends and cousins with french braids and accessories, but her mother has a habit of cutting it. If my daughter’s mother knew how to cut hair it probably wouldn’t be so bad, but alas it looks like an uneven disaster area every time. If her mother would just leave my daughter’s hair alone, I could eventually take her to a stylist to fix. The reason why she does it is a different matter here.

In any case, I am trying to figure out how to take care of my daughter’s hair without hurting her every time I brush it. When washing her hair, I use a combination shampoo and conditioner. When she’s done, I don’t dry her hair; I take her out and make sure that the towel is sitting around her neck and back. Then I take her hair while still soaking, knead a detangler cream into it, and begin brushing it. It seems to work till she gets into bed. When she wakes up, that’s the hard part. I again knead the detangler into her hair and brush it, but, although much better than when she woke up, her hair still looks unkempt.

Would braiding her hair loosely before getting into bed work or would it just make her hair frizzy and with even more tangles? I am a little hesitant about it because I don’t want to put pressure on her roots. I tried looking this up on the net, but everyone has a different opinion. I guess that I’m just going to have to deal with trial and error here. Perhaps I need to comb her hair when it’s wet rather than brush it. I would appreciate any and all help in this area.

Well, at least it will give me enough time to practice till she’s old enough to wash and take care of her hair by herself. Good thing that I don’t have to worry about this with my son. He may forget to wash behind the ears at times, but he’s pretty independent in the shower, not to mention that his hair is short enough not to worry about combing.

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