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Clipping from the Periodical “Ma’ariv” 20 October 2010

Joint Savings Account

Paid His Wife –
For Sexual Intercourse

A couple that got married decided: Everytime they sleep together the husband will deliver to his wife NIS 150

by Yonathan Hilleli

Since their marriage ten years ago, a woman from Haifa charged her husband – with his approval on an agreement she signed with him – NIS 150 for each time that they initiated sexual intercourse. The money was deposited weekly in a savings account in the wife’s name and for a decade the account accumulated NIS 150,000. Now, that they have decided to divorce, the husband claims he has a right to half of the savings account.

The couple, parents to two, initiated divorce proceedings about few months ago. When arriving at family court, the husband surprised via his attorney Sharin Solan that he demands part of his wife’s savings account.

He claims that it accumulated thanks to the agreement which was reached between them and that in accordance with it, every time they initiated sexual intercourse, he paid her NIS 150. The woman explained that at the time she made the strange demanded from her husband because she wanted to make sure that they had savings. “It couldn’t hurt, this way we’d feel that we did it for an additional purpose for the both of us,” she habitually told her husband when he became annoyed about the idea and in any case continued to pay her – as she does not allow him to be in debt for more than two sessions.

The wife claimed at the hearing that she has a right to the money for initiating sexual intercourse and that it is under her name and not her husband’s.

The husband claims that he has a right to half the amount for two reasons: One, he is the one who paid; and two, he is the one who “labored [also suffered]” for the payment. The court needs to decided soon or it will certainly stir up a huge storm from the point of accepting this kind of agreement between couples.

I wonder if he got any freebies on birthdays, anniversaries or holidays.

Let’s see now:
NIS 150,000 in the account. They had this arrangement for ten years. Each lay was NIS 150. No wonder he said that he labored/suffered. He worked so hard and got laid on average less than twice per week. If they are getting divorced, it obviously wasn’t that good of an investment.

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