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Would this form of legal advertising be considered “shock” advertising? Would this form of legal advertising be considered ethical? I have no idea what is acceptable nowadays in the United States since I haven’t been there in more than a decade. However, I have my doubts. One thing definitely is for sure, I will never forget it. To make sure the firm was real and the ad was not just a hoax, I followed the link on the truck. Low and behold, there really was a site. It brought you to a site that was unique, to say the least, in the legal profession. It was outstanding! It looks real and fake at the same time. Imagine, a law site with a gallery. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The firms of Crane, Poole & Schmidt and Cage & Fish have nothing on these guys. I hate family law, but this looks like it could be a fun place to work. I wonder if we would run into someone the likes of Alan Shore or Richard Fish?

Here is an excerpt from the bio of the head attorney:

A force of nature, world famous and charismatic, Corri Fetman is known to some as a sumptuous former Playboy model, to others as the once wry, piquant “Love Lawyer” columnist for Playboy’s online magazine, and to others as the notorious mastermind of Chicago’s Gold Coast billboard, “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce”, which put her Chicago-based family law firm on the map, and made her the topic of a many a late night and daytime talk shows.

Advocate Fetman even has her own personal site which includes a blog and T-shirts with tag lines for sale. This is so outrageous that I can’t help but type this blog with a huge grin on my face. Here’s a site with more pics.

Click on the pics below to see them full size.

The former Playboy model seems to have her own problems with Playboy. Or is it the other way around? Legal battles ensue between the two.

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