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Yesterday, while at the Gymboree with my daughter, the woman next to me noticed that I spoke with my daughter Hebglish and told her daughter to play with mine. We began talking and somehow the conversation turned to the logic of the Bible. Her problem, as she stated it, was with how the population of the planet was created only from Adam and Eve and with Darwinism. I explained that Darwinism was evolution through mutation and explained that not all mutations are negative by showing our differences. Her eyes are blue, mine are brown. Her hair is blonde, mine is brown. She said that those were simply genetic differences and not mutations. Oh, well. I then asked her if I could be a little bawdy and she said no. Too bad, I would have liked to have seen her reaction when I told her that there has been at least one man born with two functioning penises and at least one woman with three functioning breasts. Hey, anyone who knows me knows that my mind always wanders in that direction. She stated that if evolution was true, how come Homo-Sapiens haven’t evolved yet? There is a theory out there that Autistic Children are the next step in our evolution. I don’t necessarily believe it, but used it as an example.

The 7-Day “fact” came about and I asked how we know that when they were talking about days it was the day that we know. Perhaps the people of that time couldn’t comprehend numbers that many people today still have problems comprehending? Perhaps days referred to in the Bible were actually eons, eras or epochs?

Next we went on to Adam and Eve and how the whole human race came from them. My theory is that Adam and Eve were not the only people around and that Eve (Adam’s second wife) did not actually come from Adams rib, rather they were attached at the hip and were of one mind. Lilith (Adam’s first wife) had to have come from somewhere. I put forth that there was a whole lot of Homo-Sapiens on Earth at the time. If not, then where did Adam’s sons find wives? She went on to ask if Adam and Eve were not the only ones, then why are they mentioned in the Bible. I told her that the bible was the story of the lineage of the Jewish People and that Adam must have had the first inklings of Judaism. Additionally, he was the ancestor of Noah. After the experience of the flood, Noah’s daughters thought their family to be only survivors of the flood. It doesn’t make sense that the whole human population of the world began again with Noah alone and his family alone. When talking about lineage, it does make sense that he is mentioned as the forefather of the Jewish People. Whether Noah’s daughters were acting out of noble deeds or horniness is irrelevant. The whole human race didn’t come only from Noah’s loins. I mentioned to her that the Bible was like the game of Sudoko. You take the information provided and add in the missing variables in a logical manner. She told me that she hated Sudoko. Oh, well.

She then went on with the theory of G-D being ever present and hands on, claiming that He (She) is always adjusting things. I claimed that G-D was playing pool. He (She) made the first shot and since being the great and powerful omnipotent and omniscient G-D that He (She) is, knew where all the balls were going to go till the very end of the game. It was all done with a single shot. I gave another example that G-D created a computer program and pressed enter, letting the program run its course pretty much as programmers of AVIDA. For all we know, G-D may be some grad student in an different reality who created our universe as an experiment. The woman went on to say that G-D made the world out of the letters of the [Hebrew] Alphabet and I compared them to the elements created in the Big Bang. There you go!

All was quiet between us for a few seconds. She then smiled and told me that she felt smarter and that she had to feed her dog. I asked her if she would like to continue the conversation at another time. She said no and left with a smile. Too bad she didn’t stay a little longer, she was kind of cute.


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