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The 4Rs and the 5Es are two different schools of thought on how parents help their children better deal with health issues/problems. Which one are you subscribed to and which one do you prefer?

The common parental condition toward children is:

The 4Rs:
Rescue (Preventing children from making mistakes)

The less subscribed to path of parents who want to help their children is:

The 5Es:
Experience: The road to wisdom is paved with mistakes. Mistakes made early in life are far more “affordable” than mistakes made later in life.
Example: Kids learn far more from the examples we set than from the lectures we give.
Empathy: Empathy allows kids to learn from their mistakes. Anger allows them to blame us for their problems.

  • False praise can lead to disrespect
  • Use questions, not statements.
    • No: “Good Job! I’m so proud!”
    • Yes: “Good Job! I bet you’re really proud of yourself. How do you feel?”
  • Smiles, hugs, and enthusiasm.


  • Avoid: warnings, worry, criticism, pessimism and disappointment.
  • Express high but reasonable expectations.
  • Give children the “can do” message.


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